About Us

At American Dream Keepers, we pride ourselves on keeping our residents connected through events and activities. Our on-site manager is proud of our community engagement, and through our website and mobile app, we keep everyone informed about area happenings, maintenance, security, events, and more.

Company Profile

 Years in business17
 Number of employees 5
 Number of properties currently managed Less than 50
 HOA’s Managed 90%
 Condo/Town Homes Managed 10%
 Smallest Community Managed 21 Homes
 Largest Community Managed 350 Homes
 Price Range of Managed Communities $150K – 1 million
 Average time retained as management company 5 years
 Insured? Yes
 Bonded? Yes
 Corporate Status C-Corp.

Principle Officers
Kenneth D. Gilkes, Managing Broker, President & CEO

Alfanette Garvin, Accounting Coordinator, CFO

Pamela Gilkes, Human Resource Coordinator, Secretary

If you have any additional questions about the American Dream Keepers community, please Contact Us today!