Key Components of Management Services


  • Generate & Mail assessments, Annual, Semi-annual or quarterly
  • Receive payments and post to homeowner accounts
  • Keep accurate history of accounts and provide easy access to reports
  • Preparation of annual budget
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Annual review of insurance policy


  • Management of Delinquent Accounts
  • 1st Letter – 30 day notice, 2nd Letter – 10 day notice, Lien filed, Turn over to Attorney
  • Suspension of Membership Privileges, including the right to use common facilities and/or voting privileges


  • Enforcement of Covenants (minimum of 1 community inspection per month)
  • Inspection and repair of common elements to maintain a safe and pleasing environment
  • Monitor homes for sale and foreclosure in an effort to collect all monies owed to the association before ownership of the property is transferred


  • Hire contractors for maintenance and upkeep of common property
  • Review contracts and obtain a copy of certificate of insurance for all vendors providing work and services to the association
  • Investigate complaints received from owners and Board Members about inadequate vendor service

Dependable and qualified staff on hand to provide support for routine administrative functions and day-today operations, such as handling calls from homeowners and other professionals requiring information about their account and the community.

  • Handle routine questions from homeowners about the community
  • Answer questions about account balances & rules & regulations
  • Assisting mortgage companies and attorneys with closing letters


  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Regular Meetings with the Board of Directors
  • Meeting Notices, as requested by Board
  • Newsletters, as prepared and requested by Board or designated committee